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Included in the Detentions Web page is information to assist you in dealing with family or friends that are incarcerated within our jail. It is our mission to provide for the safe, secure and wholesome care, custody and control of all inmates and detainees incarcerated here, according to statutory requirements and court edicts.


The jail is located in Georgetown, Colorado at 405 Argentine Street. Traveling on I-70, you take the 228 exit for Georgetown. If traveling westbound you turn left and if traveling eastbound you turn right. Go to the roundabout and take the first right onto Argentine Street. Stay on Argentine Street till you come to a �T� intersection. Make a left turn on 6th Street and then a right at the first intersection which is the continuation of Argentine Street.

The Sheriff�s Office is the large building with the green roof on the corner, which will be on your right. Turn into the first parking lot and walk up the stairs to the double doors. If after hours or on the weekend you will need to use the intercom on the right side of the doors to alert the jail that you are there. Please be patient as it may take several minutes for a deputy to respond to let you in.


Visitation of inmates may be scheduled 6 days a week (Tuesday through Sunday). The hours will be 8:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. Each visit will only be for 30 minutes.

Each inmate will be allowed two visits per week (Tuesday through Sunday).

You are not allowed to visit if you are on parole or probation, or are a co-defendant on the inmates case and you cannot have been released from this facility within the last 30 days before the visit. If you are obviously under the influence you will not be able to visit.

Visitors must be appropriately dressed. Shirts and shoes are required. No form-fitting, suggestive or revealing clothing will be permitted. Persons inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to visit. If an inmate or visitor displays inappropriate behavior, or becomes a threat to the safety of the facility, the visit will be terminated immediately and they may lose their right to future visitation.

The Sheriff’s Office utilizes video visitation. Visitors will use a video phone in the Sheriff’s Office Lobby and the inmate will use a video phone from the jail. These visits will be recorded and may be monitored during the visit.

Two adults will be able to sit comfortably in the visitation booth in the lobby. More than two may visit at once, however please keep in mind that the visit will only be 30 minutes and more than two or three people will severely limit the amount of time that each visitor will have to speak with the inmate.

All adult visitors (over 18 years of age) must have a government issued identification card showing their photograph. Children will be allowed to visit only if they are the children of the person incarcerated. A birth certificate or other legal documentation must be shown proving that the incarcerated person is the parent of the children.


Inmates are given one initial phone call that is free. This is to attempt to bond or notify someone that they are in custody. Phone calls after this are either a collect call to the party or on a phone card that the inmate can purchase through the jail. The name of the phone provider is Securus. The billing portion is handled by Correctional Billing Services. Their customer service number is 1-800-844-6591. Their web page is www.CorrectionalBillingServices.com

Phone calls are limited to 15 minutes. You should hear a warning tone 30 seconds before it is terminated. This limit is placed so that all inmates have equal access to use of the phones.

The use of the phones is considered a privilege and can be taken away from the inmates for improper use or other violations within the jail.

Phone numbers can be blocked by the detentions staff. If you are receiving unwanted phone calls please call the jail at 303-679-2396 and ask that your number be blocked.


We accept bonds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. We only accept cash and or surety bonds. We do not allow property bonds. A surety bond is done through a bondsman and you should contact them first, prior to coming to the jail.

Cash bonds are the full amount of the bond as set by the court, plus a ten-dollar bonding fee. Inmates are also charged a twenty-dollar processing fee that must be paid prior to release. In other words, add thirty-dollars to the amount of the bond. We use EZ Kiosk in our lobby which accepts cash and or credit cards to put money in for a bond, there are fees also associated with these funds. Ez Kiosk’s web site is www.ezcardandkiosk.com


All correspondence to inmates should be addressed in the inmates name to the address P.O. Box 518 Georgetown, CO 80444. Please be advised that all letters and packages will be opened and inspected prior to being given to the inmate.

Check with the inmate before sending any items as not all items are allowed in the facility. If the items sent in the package are not allowed the package will be returned to you.


Money can be delivered in person to the facility or mailed to PO Box 518 Georgetown, CO 80444. Address the letter in the inmate’s name. We only accept certified checks, cashiers checks or money orders, if bringing money in person we also accept cash or credit card through a EZ Kiosk in the lobby, there are fees associated with this machine. You can visit their website at www.ezcardandkiosk.com. No personal checks will be accepted.

You can also deposit money in an inmate's account via the internet, by going to www.inmatedeposits.com. After successful completion of your online transaction, funds are made immediately available to the inmate, which allows you to use this service for posting bond. If you do not have internet access, you can also deposit money by phone by calling Cybersuite at 866-345-1884.


The courts may have assessed a “Cost of Care Fee” to inmates as part of their incarceration. Cost of Care is allowed according to Colorado Revised Statutes to offset the cost to the citizens of Colorado for an inmate’s incarceration. If this fee has been assessed the inmate will be charged $25.00 per day for each day that they serve in jail.

It is preferred that the fee is paid before leaving the jail. If the inmate is unable to do so a payment schedule can be set up for them after leaving the facility. Arrangements need to be made with the detentions accountant before the inmate leaves the detentions center.


If you have been sentenced to time in this facility, on your first visit you will be assessed a $20.00 (twenty-dollar) processing fee, please bring that with you.

When you arrive at the jail if it is during business hours please come to the Sheriff’s Office and advise the clerk why you are here, if after hours and weekends or holidays press the button on the intercom to the right of main doors and advise the control technician why you are here. Someone will come out to meet you.

If the court allows an interrupted sentence you must plan to spend your time in minimum increments of 24 hours; however you can do all your time at once, if you wish.

You will need to produce photo identification, and you need to bring a copy of the Mitt that the court supplied you with.

Cell phones, cigarettes, lighters, knife, and other weapons are not allowed into the facility. Please leave them with family or in your vehicle.

You must wear all “white” undergarments; if you do not, you will be furnished jail undergarments to wear. Other than the twenty dollar processing fee, depending on your length of stay you may not want to bring any money, as money will be deposited and returned to you when you leave in the form of a check.

The jail has a library; please do not bring any books with you. You may bring a soft cover bible if you wish.


The courts may grant the privilege of work release to an inmate when they are sentenced to jail. The court only grants the privilege, the jail will determine if an inmate can participate in work release.

There is an application packet that needs to be completed before a decision can be made, please contact the jail at 303-679-2396 to have a packet sent, or pick up the packet at the jail. There is a fee that must be paid to the jail to participate in work release.